• Wokat

    The DIY Card Project

    May 17, 2011 by Wokat

    Ever wanted to get a card without going to the trouble of finding it? That's what the DIY Card Project is for. Cracked by Arthur Fabian in 2003, the Rumble Robots Power Cards are the key to getting your 'bot up and rumbling. But we need your help! If you have a card that we don't have, either scan it or take a photo of it. (if it's a Gold Series card, scan/take a photo of it from the front and behind) (the Gold Series cards look like Pokemon cards on the front) I'll remake it and put it on the wiki.

    I hope to see you help out here on the wiki!

    TheWonderKat 00:25, May 17, 2011 (UTC)

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