El Smasho - WIMP taunt

El Smasho's "WIMP!" taunt

Taunts are a special type of Power Card, made to mock the other player. In the Invasion line, it was spread into three types - WIMP, WUSS, and LOSER.

Taunt ChartEdit

Taunt Chart
Robot Normal WIMP! WUSS! LOSER!
Bolt Man

My spark is worse than' my bite!


You got a face even a motha' could slug!

Clamster Run home to your momma-bot!

Somethin' stinks and it ain't me this time!

Lugnut Prepare to be overhauled, you junker!
Bitor I'll talk slow so you can keep up!
Eyezor/Pinbrawl ???
El Smasho None

What's the matter, señor? Am I too hot to handle?

Hey, amigo, is that all you got?

Adiós, muchachos!

Slugnut None Is that your mommy calling for you? You squeal like baby! Am I too strong for you?