Slugnut charges at Bolt Man.

Rumble Robots were remote controlled robots that used collectible cards to activate. They were created in 2000, and were quite sucessful, supposedly selling over 2 million units or so. They were discontinued in 2002 when Trendmasters

filed for bankruptcy. However, Cepia, the successor of Trendmasters, created robots known as B2B Fighting Robots, that strikingly resembled the Rumble Robots, with minor alterations.thumb|300px|right|An alternate commercial from the same date

List of Rumble RobotsEdit

Blue TeamEdit

Bolt Man



Pinbrawl (unreleased, assumed to later become King El Smasho)

Red TeamEdit


Lug Nut


Eyezor (unreleased, assumed to later become King Slugnut)


  • It was rumored that a third robot, Prumbrot, was in the works.
  • It later spun off a line that later became Invasion.
  • Certain popular brand AA batteries like Duracell brand will cause any robot that has a sticker label "Diamond Series" (on the bottom of the robots) to have a very low voice as if its batteries is dying. Which may confuse people of thinking the batteries is faulty, but its not (if you did get new batteries straight from the store).
  • Sunbeam brand batteries (found in dollar stores) has the opposite effect of the Duracell brand batteries. Instead of the robots (with or without the Diamond Series sticker label) having very low voice; they would have a very loud voice as if they are shouting and yelling. Also it increase the volume of the background & battle sound effects which may cause people think that its realistic.
thumb|282px|right|The official commercial from 2001