Power Card are different types of cards to scan and use for each Rumble Robot or for whichever team.

Original TypesEdit

Level 1-5 (Team Blue, Team Red, all Rumble Robots)

  • Upgrade
  • Power
  • Energy
  • Punch
  • Laser
  • Laser Def.
  • Speed

Invasion TypesEdit

  • Armor
  • Super Power (upgrade of an Armor card)

Special TypesEdit

  • Gold Power Card (Random chance to find one inside a Rumble Robots set)
  • Diamond Power Card (Random chance to find one in the Starter Pack or Booster Pack)
  • Treasure card (Blue, Yellow, Green, Red, Orange, combo of two colors)
  • ROYGB Treasure card

Repair TypesEdit

  • Laser Attack Repair card
  • Terminate Switch Repair card
  • Tilt Repair card
  • Master Repair card

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