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Peter LeBlanc

Lug Nut is a Rumble Robot from the Original Series. He is a member of the Red Team.

Official Product DescriptionEdit

Lug Nut is a construction worker who has a need for speed and an attitude to match. This infrared controlled interactive fighting robot is ready for battle with his thunder punch and screamin' sound. Raise your shields, fire your lasers and be careful not to loose your power points. With full speed control, you control the action.

Common QuotesEdit

  • "Bot online, I am Lug Nut! Prepare to get wrenched!"
  • "That doesn't jive!"
  • "Kindly re-swipe!" (When the user does not swipe a Power Card properly)
  • "These bolts were made for rocking!"
  • "The mechanic is on duty! All systems are go-cat-go!" (When the user has finished swiping Power Cards)
  • "I follow your order!" (When using King Slugnut to beam power to the Knights and Classic Rumble Robots)


  • Lug Nut's face is featured prominently in the Rumble Robots emblem, essentially making him the mascot of the franchise.
  • Some of his above quotes are references to Lug Nut being a construction worker.
  • Similar to Clamster, Lug Nut is a member of the Red Team, while being red in color.