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Stephen Dunsford

Lobjaw is a Rumble Robot from the Original Series.


Red Team Lobjaw is a brawler from the sewers - you can bet he'll raise a stink. This infrared-controlled interactive fighting robot is ready for battle with his thunder punch and screamin' sound. Raise your shields, fire your lasers and be careful not to loose your power points. With full speed control, you control the action. Lobjaw says You goin down the drainThis robot is the one you should pick no question about it. His arms are separated so he can take on two robots. Hes got that mean look ready for battle. He may look mean now but you should see him with his armor.They all look cool, no great with their armor.

Common QuotesEdit

  • "Bot online! I'm Lobjaw, da subduer from da sewer!"
  • "Somethin' stinks and it ain't me this time." (on swiping taunt card)
  • "That card stinks." (when swiping an invalid card)
  • "I follow your order!" (when using King Slugnut to beam power to knights and Classic Rumble Robots)

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