Clamster is an Original Series Rumble Robot.




Punching Type





Lorenzo Lizana


True to his name, Clamster's head literaly looks like a clam. He has two eyes with pupils showing looking to the left (Similar to the Villagers from Animal Crossing), along with a black hole with what is assumed to be a mouth.

He has pretty thin arms with huge fists. Also, on his left arm, it appears to be some kind of space graphic which looks like a variation of the NASA logo.

Common QuotesEdit

  • "Bot Online! I'm Clamster, the clam with the pain!"
  • "Hold it right there!" (when you swipe the req. cards for Clamster to get ready to fight)
  • "That card smell dizzy!" (when swiping an invalid card)
  • "I ain't no chicken of the sea! Take that!!"
  • "Run home to your mama, bot!" (on swiping taunt card)
  • "I obey, master!" (when using King El Smasho to beam power to knights and Classic Rumble Robots)


The helmet seems to have an "eye-hole", and there are shoulder-armors that go where the arm connects to the main body. (Clamster is probably the only robot on the Original Series Blue team to use shoulder armor.) His right arm uses a three-blade plaque, while his left arm uses a shield, with three small prongs and the same logo on his arm.


  • He is on the Blue Team (coincidentally, he is blue).
  • His eyes look left like the Villagers from Animal Crossing.

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