Bolt Man is a Rumble Robot from the Original Series. He was considered having a King-like position on the Blue Team before Invasion was released.

Bolt Man



Punching Type





Brian Weinstock

Common QuotesEdit

  • "Bot online! I am Bolt Man! Shocking, isn't it?" (Full activation quote)
  • "That card isn't worth a zap!" (When swiping an invalid card)
  • "Time to make this zappin' happen!" (After the user finishes swiping Power Cards)
  • "You're gettin' on my circuits!"
  • "Yow! I'm zapped!" (When hit by laser fire from an opposing Rumble Robot)
  • "I obey, master!" (when using King El Smasho to beam power to the Knights and Classic Rumble Robots)


  • He was to possibly have a upgraded version, named BoltBrat. However, it was scrapped.
  • The original version of his Level 5 Speed Power Card depicts him with exaggerated jet engines.
  • He was voiced by Brian Weinstock, product manager of Trendmasters.

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