Bitor is a Rumble Robot from the Original Series, and is a member of the Red Team.




Punching Type





Sam Finocchio

Official Product DescriptionEdit

"Bitor is a Rumble Robot who's fueled by an experimental formula - he's a ticking time bomb ready to explode! This infrared controlled interactive fighting robot is ready for battle with his thunder punch and screamin' sound. Raise your shields, fire your lasers and be careful not to loose your power points. With full speed control, you control the action."

Common QuotesEdit

  • "Bot online! I'm Bitor and I'm armed to the teeth!" (When activated)
  • "My fuse fizzled."
  • "Ready for my explosive personality? Oof!!" (When the user properly swipes the needed Power Cards)
  • "That card bites!" (When the user swipes an invalid Power Card)
  • "I follow your order!" (When using King Slugnut to beam power to the Knights and Classic Rumble Robots)


  • He is voiced by Sam Finocchio.
  • He is given an accent of (voiced by Samantha Kelly) in modern Mario games but with a little lower pitch.

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